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I'm kind of still an amateur myself, but I think some of the tips I use is: Use free social media to promote your store and products, wear an item or two to get people's attention, set up a promotional sale, and stuff. As for payment, I think since it's etsy, they charge you for having a store, so they won't take money out of your sales (or maybe it's a different store) and you do the shipping yourself.

Thank you!

That helps out


the big titty committee be like

my life

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What sort of help do you need with etsy?

Like, is there a certain way I should sell my stuff and what to price everything, how I get paid, and shipping and such

A little UsUk head canon( I don’t know if anyone thought of this)



When Alfred and Arthur got married, Alfred wore the suit that Arthur gave him when he was younger. ((The suit that was shown from Americas storage)) He had it altered a little so it would fit him better and look more new. When Alfred wore it he said to Arthur “see, I told you I would only wear it on special occasions” and it almost made Arthur cry.


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Sorry not sorry

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I want to plant a garden of posies and carnation around you.

I feel so special, grazie!




100% of people who tell you you’re too sensitive are saying it because they don’t want to be held responsible for your reaction when they mistreat you

Which is, ironically, them being oversensitive to criticism.

Literally no one overreacts to things as much as anti-SJWs do